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Why Beach & Country Luxury Villas?

Real estate agency Beach & Country Luxury Villas specializes in luxury villas. And this is our secret!

Our focus allows us to offer quality service, better than the our competitors, both from the point of view of those who want to buy a property and from those who want to sell.

Here are some of the advantages we have about other real estate generalists:

• For those who want to buy:
– We have a large portfolio and we work with other real estate agents which makes it virtually impossible for a property in the Algarve to exist with the characteristics that you are looking for that we can not present.
– We make virtual visits and a complete and exhaustive survey of the property, in order to help you realize all the features of the property quickly and easily. We help you to save time and money on unnecessary travels.
– We have a thorough knowledge of the Algarve real estate market and therefore we can help you in choosing the best deal so as to find a fair deal for both parts
– We are well informed about market prices and know the theory and practice of real estate evaluation (price / m2, index of location, quality of construction, etc). We can give you precious help in this area.
– We have the in-house technical capacity to analyze the technical specifications of the real estate we transact. This means that we are able to point important aspects such as thermal insulation, sound insulation, energy efficiency,
durability of materials, repair / improvement costs, etc.
– Our long experience in the market allows us to know enough legal details about the area, in particular as regards the analysis of documentation, obligations, contractual, etc.
– We can also give you some good advise about some tax issues and tell you who we usually work with, who can help you with issues in this area, namely exchange contracts, golden visas and other matters related to tax optimization.
– We have the in-house capacity to advise you financially, so that you can do informed choices regarding the risk associated with the acquisition of the property, carry out simulations to choose the best financial option, etc.
– We are members of APEMIP, which guarantee you are well-informed, with transparency and seriousness.

– We offer accommodation to anyone who wants to buy a property with us. See our conditions (here)


• For those who want to sell:
– We know in detail our target audience, their likes, desires and ambitions. This allows us to join the right property to the right customer and thus achieve more sales than the other real estate agencies.
– We work in partnership with many other real estate agencies of our confidence,
national and overseas. By placing your property in our agency you will be indirectly
making your property available to a large number of real estate agents, who will
work to sell your property.
– We make an exhaustive photographic and digital survey of your property, in order to reach the maximum of potential buyers, save costs and avoid unnecessary trips. This also allow us to expose your property to a greater number of potential buyers.
– We advertise your property on several real estate websites, national and international, in order to reach customers from all over the world.
– We do not just go to the best-known websites. We also advertise on websites specialized on small niches and more select communities, to boost the sale of your property.
– We do data analysis and a very careful and rational optimization of the investments in online advertising. This allows us to obtain excellent ratios investment / leeds, and thus offer a good service to our customers with a reduced commission.
– Our multilingual team is able to provide information to a wide range of nationalities, creating empathy, a relationship of trust and always seeking to right property to the right customer;
– Our long experience in the Algarve real estate market allows us to inform you, in order to allow you to decide the conditions and value to which you want your porperty to be sold, in a conscious and informed way;
– If you wish, we can propose or suggest improvements that value your property before you proceed with its sale.
– In the same way, we can also prevent you from making unnecessary improvements or investments which will not bring their return.
– Our legal partners can help you with any legal issues you may have. We have partnerships with lawyers, who support us in all questions and doubts
– We also have a very competent technical team in the field of new technologies, to streamline the entire business process and maximize the property to potential buyers.
– Our staff also have a strong technical civil engineering, which allows you to help you with technical issues related to your property, and to evaluate potential improvements you may want to make on your property before you sell it.
– We are members of APEMIP, to guarantee you are well-informed, with transparency and seriousness.

Below are some of our technical skills:

Video drone
The drone video allows the client to “feel” the surrounding environment surrounding the house, the disposition
of fractions and other relevant information. It is very useful because it enables a quick perception of the property,
saving time and unnecessary travel to all stakeholders.

Virtual tours 360
In the same way that the drone video allows you to feel the exterior environment of the villa, a virtual tour 360 allows you to visit the interior of the villa quickly and easily. It is quite useful for both owners as well as for potential buyers, since it saves a lot of time for all stakeholders, increasing the exposure of your property to potential buyers and increasing the range of choices.

Wide angle photo
Wide-angle photographs are very useful in real estate. Due to its characteristics,
It allows you to have a better perception of space, have a greater angle and make the photographs much more attractive.

3d virtual models
3D virtual models are very useful because they allow you to portray the space in a very intuitive way and practice. In this way, potential buyers can see how the space is organized easily and conveniently, without having to move to the property