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Why Algarve?

The Algarve is a relatively underdeveloped region of Europe with an excellent quality of life for its visitors, in a safe environment that is investment and opportunity rich. This is the place where everyone wants to be. In the Algarve you will find unspoiled nature reserves, an excellent climate, beautiful beaches and excellent food, health and safety services.

In addition, it has excellent air connections to different destinations several times a day and offers attractive tax benefits to non-citizens who choose to stay in this region, the opportunity to benefit from “golden visas” and a calm atmosphere and relaxing. environment; while delivering emergency and security services of comparable quality in the center of Europe. This is a good place to retire: it is no coincidence that many people have already done this!

In the summer there are many cultural activities for tourists and people are pleasant and hospitable.

In recent years we have witnessed the development of the luxury segment in the Algarve. The holiday destination is now in demand for permanent residence, not only for pensioners around the world who are looking for peace and quality of life, but also for families who recognize the potential of the country and the Algarve. People who can work from home, via the internet, also choose to live in the Algarve.

The construction of modern and luxurious villas, an attractive product for different nationalities around the world, as well as the lack of crowded spaces, is an attraction for foreign investment.