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Register your property

AMI License: 14163

Are you planning to sell your property?
Do you want to know the value of your property?
Do you want a simple and transparent company?

Register and we will contact you. We process all necessary logistics. We take photos with wide-angle lenses, we make aerial films and 360º virtual tours.

You have the possibility to do everything without leaving your home.

Send, through the following form, all the necessary documentation and we will do all the work for you.
What we need from you:

  • Mediation contract signed by the owner and, if applicable, the respective spouse (a scan or a digital signature pdf is enough). You can download it here
  • Caderneta Predial Urbana or Application for registration of the Building at the headquarters (Model I of IMI) issued by the Tax and Customs Authority.
  • Use license (for all properties built after August 1951).
  • Valid Energy Certificate.
  • Photocopy, strikethrough or not, of the civil identification and tax identification documents of the owner (s), or respective data;
  • Certificate of content of all the inscriptions and descriptions in force (building certificate issued by the conservatory).
  • Technical Housing Form (only required if the User License has been issued after 03/30/2004).
  • Other elements that you consider necessary for the correct valuation of the property.

  • Note1: For land, building plots and ruins, it is not necessary to send point 3), 4) and 7);

    Note2: The ruins require a certificate from the Municipal Council that dates back to August 7, 1951.

If you choose to register your property online and automatically we will charge you only 3% commission instead of the 5% + VAT, normally charged.

A little bit of everything you need to get the best deal!