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Talk to us to know the best financing solutions. We know the best practices in the sector and can advise you on the best financial entities to contact.

There are several financing solutions for the purchase of real estate in Portugal.

Some common base cases are listed below:

    • Sale of the property in the country of origin and purchase in Portugal. You can choose to sell your property first, transfer the necessary amount to a Portuguese bank and then proceed to purchase the new property. Another hypothesis is to mortgage your property with a financial institution of the country of origin that is recognized by the Portuguese banks and thus obtain an international bank guarantee, which in turn is used as collateral by a Portuguese banking entity to grant a credit to the property, with or without mortgage of the newly acquired property.


    • Acquisition of a dwelling already built: usually an initial percentage is requested, the remaining amount being paid through a mortgage of the property itself;


    • Lot purchase + housing construction: this option allows you to choose a lot of land to your liking and the architecture you want. Usually the client has to own capital for the purchase of the land, contracting then a loan for the construction of the property. The property is mortgaged to the bank.


Letter of Intentions and hire a local attorney

Once the property you want to buy has been found and your agent has settled the deal on your behalf, a professional agent gives you a “letter of intent”. This document clarifies the negotiated price, exchanges, completion dates and everything that was negotiated. At the same time we recommend that you instruct a local lawyer to represent you when buying the property. The letter of intent signed by you will be delivered to your legal representative as a reference on the agreed conditions.

Contact us for more information on financing, taxation and legal issues..