why the algarve?

Algarve is still a non over-exploited área in Southern Europe which offers the best life quality to its visitors. In the Algarve you will find preserved natural areas, a wonderful weather , great beaches and excellent restaurant, health and safety services.
Besides that, it still offers safety, tax optimising opportunities , a calm and relaxing lifestyle at the same time it offers emergency and safety services with a similar quality to the centre of Europe countries .It’s an excellent place to get retired : it’s not by chance that lots of people have chosen to do it here. In Summer there are plenty of cultural activities aimed at the tourists. It still offers excellent opportunities to its visitors and the locals are friendly and hospitable.

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Recomendations for a great meal in Algarve

Henrique Leis
Restaurante Ysconderijo, em São Brás de Alportel


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