research & development

We are committed in building villas with the highest quality standards as far as comfort, durability, energy efficiency, and safety  are concerned.For that purpose we carried out several studies having in mind the quality improvement of our villas.

We do our best to build swimming pools that require little maintenance, less water artificial treatment and less time of rotation water artificial methods.

As far as gardens are concerned, we try hard in finding solutions which require little water, don’t need weed killers and don’t affect the region wildlife. The villa in itself needs a great deal of maintenance. The concern in maximizing the sun exposure during winter, in increasing the shading during Summer, the choice of lasting and easy to clean materials, everything is part of our activity and our know-how.

We are interested in creating partnerships with universities, research centres and other entities, interested on the theme.

Our buildings are sized to resist severe earthquakes.

See below a seismic test performed in a building.

Beach & Country Luxury Villas