Detail oriented! We invest in the quality of our buildings.

Our greatest work volume comes by recommendation of previous customers. Quality is also a differentiating element in the service we provide.

Villas built by our team have therefore little details that make all the difference .Details which aren’t visible at first sight and are the result of many years learning from the work experience.

For example we pay a lot of attention to waterproofing around burrs such as parapets or chimneys, as we know in advance that they are one of the main sources of infiltration water.

In the architecture projects, we try to pay the utmost attention in order to obtain shading in south facing areas; otherwise the villa gets too hot during summer. It’s also important to pay attention to thermal bridges to avoid that the villa gets too cold in winter or too hot in summer.

As far as the pipe system is concerned some safety procedures are required, to avoid future problems with piping clogging or noises with liquids reflux. In certain cases we place acoustic insulation in the pipes to avoid inappropriate noises.

In order to avoid brittleness it’s important to compact the ground and to build strong foundations.

And besides these procedures which are not visible at first sight, there are many others. They are the details which make all the difference!

To carry out quality construction works allows us to keep satisfied customers, cut costs, and above all meeting our customers ‘needs.Bearing this in mind we follow strictly the specifications of ISO 9001:2008 in order to build quality constructions and meeting our customers’ expectations. We provide warranty over achieved construction works as we trust our work.


Balance is a virtue. We prefer to carry out less ventures but to do them well. This results in a greater trust for our customers as they know in advance that we will totally commit to any Project which is awarded meeting the deadlines and respecting the deadlines and the specified conditions.



Expertise allows us to be competent in what we do and therefore getting a better efficiency in the services we provide.

It’s important to master what we do and understanding theoretical and practical concepts related to the activity we carry out. This is visible in a better quality service to our customers.

Beach & Country Luxury Villas