environmental concern

We believe in an environmental responsible attitude. The environment is one of the best assets that Algarve has to offer to our visitors and it is our responsibility to preserve it.With that purpose, we try to build environmentally sustainable villas and with minimal environmental damage in such a way that environment is preserved.


We always try to rehabilitate the already existing heritage in a way that is diminishes the occupied soil area. This is the best way to preserve the soil and to avoid increasing the waterproofed territory area.

Energy efficiency

One of our greatest concerns has to do with energy efficiency of our buildings. For that purpose we try to conceive villas with the least quantity of thermal losses and thermal gains during the summer. That is achieved avoiding thermal bridges,  non shaded openings in summer , poor sun exposure in winter, double glazing and framework with thermal cut.

Sustainable techniques

There are some techniques and options that can help the environment. For example, the use of sustainable gardens, with indigenous species or building rain water collection means to water the garden, the construction of natural pools, the preservation of existing wildlife and its appropriate placement in the new garden, among others.

Transfer of construction and demolition waste

All waste is placed in duly licensed dumps and authorized by public entities.

Materials recycling

Whenever possible, we recycle ancient building materials.

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